How to Use Less Energy This Spring and Summer

Use Less Energy

With early spring temperatures already reaching 80 degrees in Alabama, Sylacauga residents need affordable ways to cut cooling bills. We are your local choice to help you use less energy. Follow these tips from Affordable Care to improve the energy efficiency of your Alabama home this spring:

Program the Thermostat

An air conditioning system runs more efficiently when there is a small difference between the inside and also outside temperatures. Lower cooling costs by setting the thermostat to 78 degrees or also as high as comfortably possible. Use a programmable thermostat to keep the house warmer when you are asleep or away.

Run Ceiling Fans – Use Less Energy

Ceiling fans circulate air, reduce humidity and provide a refreshing breeze that makes your skin feeler cooler. They also generate less energy than AC units. With the proper fans, you can shave 4 degrees off the thermostat settings and never feel the difference.

Spring Cleaning

While you are spring cleaning over the next few weeks, add these simple tasks to your checklist to boost energy savings:

  • Check the registers in every room to ensure winter clutter isn’t accidentally blocking airflow. Sweep the registers with a vacuum brush to remove dust buildup.
  • Move any heat-generating appliances, such as lamps and also televisions, away from the thermostat to prevent faulty readings that make the air conditioner run longer.
  • Inspect windows, doors and baseboards for air leaks. Sealing these gaps with affordable weather stripping, caulk or also  insulation prevents warm air from sneaking into your home.
  • Now that the tap water is naturally warmer due to higher outdoor temperatures, verify that the hot water heater temperature is set at 120 degrees.

Call in the professionals at Affordable Air to make sure your air conditioning can keep up with the demanding Sylacauga summer. Our spring maintenance program includes a thorough inspection that increases energy efficiency, improves air quality and reduces the risk of major repairs. Contact Affordable Air at (256) 245-6170 to schedule an appointment today. Call today!