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Repair is our forte at Affordable Heating & Air. We provide Air Conditioning repair on all makes and models of heating and air equipment. Our certified technicians are thoroughly trained to ensure that your air conditioning system is diagnosed and repaired correctly the first time. Trust Affordable Heating and Air LLC your local HVAC repair choice for all your heating and cooling repairs.

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Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will keep it running at peak performance all season long. Keeping your system maintenance can prevent the need for major AC repairs. Alabama summers are known for a lot of dust, pollen, humidity, and heat. These environmental elements can place a heavy load on your air conditioning equipment. Dust and pollen may be building up over time coating your unit’s main components. This build up causes your condenser, motor, and fan to work twice as hard to cool your home, which in turn raises your power bill.

Humidity causes condensation build up which can lead to clogs in the tubing or overflow from the drain. Due to humid conditions you may also see corrosion of wires or terminals which will ultimately cause electrical issues within your system. While leaks can cause your system to be low on refrigerant, an even worse situation may occur; when you system gets too low it will not cool as well and may even freeze up.

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Affordable Heating & Air can address all of your AC repairs with honest, affordable, up front pricing. At some point almost all homeowners notice their air conditioner not cooling as well as it has in the past or they may hear unusual noises. While these may not seem extreme, they can mean your system is headed toward a break down. Summer time heat means longer and more frequent run cycles. The highest stress is placed on your cooling system when temperatures are at their hottest. Your AC system is more likely to get overloaded on the hottest summer day when the most stress is placed on it, leaving you to feel the heat.

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Call Affordable Heating & Air today for all your AC repair needs. Let our highly trained technicians professionally repair your system to keep it running at maximum efficiency. We are here to help you stay cool all summer long. We service Shelby County, Sylacauga, AL and the surrounding communities. Pick us to be your local AC Repair expert.

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