How AC Tuneups Save You From AC Repairs

AC Tuneups

Industry studies show that a lack of maintenance causes the lion’s share of Sylacauga AC repairs. Ignoring AC service can result in equipment breakdowns, a hot house and days of sticky discomfort. Why risk that when affordable AC maintenance can prevent up to 95 percent of all repairs? Here are three key services included in a professional tuneup and why you don’t want your AC to go without them. We are your local choice for AC tuneups.

Clearing and Cleaning The Condensate Line

A stopped-up condensate line can cause property damage, create a fire hazard, destroy your cooling system and contaminate your indoor air. You might not even be aware of the problem until it becomes obvious. A clogged line can cause your air conditioner to freeze up and stop working. A clogged line can cause water to build up inside your air conditioner that overflows and causes water damage. You might also see discolorations on walls, ceiling leaks and damaged drywall.

Changing the AC Filters

Dirty filters contaminate indoor air and can cause health problems. Short-cycling caused by dirty filters can make your AC turn off and on; the result is constant unpleasant temperature changes and noisy operation. Clogged AC filters obstruct airflow and cause uneven cooling. Reduced airflow also makes cold air collect inside the unit which can cause the coils to ice up. Dirty filters create a buildup of grit inside your equipment, and that leads to unnecessary wear and tear, more frequent AC repairs and a shorter system lifespan. Dirty filters also impede air conditioner efficiency, so you’ll be looking at higher utility bills too.

Checking and Tightening Electrical Connections AC Tuneups

Not getting your AC tuned up can cause hazardous conditions in your Sylacauga home. Aging systems in particular are subject to loose electrical connections and loose wires that can generate enough heat to start a fire. Speaking of fire, fire ants in the South are attracted to electrical ozone, so they like to invade air conditioners. Once settled in, they can damage or destroy your system’s internal components.

An easy and cost-effective way to avoid AC repairs is with an HVAC maintenance agreement. Besides spring and fall tuneups, a service plan with Affordable Heating & Air, LLC, entitles you to a 10 percent discount on repairs and lower HVAC service fees. Call us at (256) 245-2870 for all the particulars. Call today!