Improving the Cooling Factor with Dehumidification

The heat of the late Alabama summer temperatures still reach well into the mid to high 80’s. Humidity levels make those temperatures feel even warmer. Approximately 67 percent of homes in the nation use air conditioners for summer comfort management, but excessive moisture in the air can counteract the cooling effects of your equipment. Inhibiting dehumidification causes the relative humidity to increase. Plants, animals, and people are faced with greater difficulty in cooling off.

Managing Comfort Through Dehumidification

Your ideal relative humidity (RH) in the home is no greater than 50 percent for achieving an optimum cooling factor. Fortunately, your air conditioner is your primary defense against excessive indoor moisture. The refrigerant lines promote cooling activity as the material within becomes extremely cold. The heat from the indoor air is absorbed by the chilly refrigerant, and moisture circulating in a gaseous form has the opportunity to condense back into a liquid form. The liquid drips into a pan and exits the air handler area through a condensate line.

Challenges in the Dehumidification Process

There are a couple of issues that can arise in connection with the management of your RH. If the weather is mild, you might find that your air conditioner operates infrequently or for short periods. A cooling cycle of less than 20 minutes does not allow sufficient time for the condensate in your air handler to drip away before it evaporates again. This can also occur if your AC is oversized and requires only short operating periods.

You might deal with efficient humidity management but face messy conditions in your air handler. A dirty condensate line or pan could cause liquid to overflow. However, you can minimize the risk of this situation by investing in professional system maintenance each spring.

Professional Insight for Improving Your Cooling Factor

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