Keeping Your Indoor Air Healthy

Poor indoor air quality can lead to infections, chronic lung diseases like asthma and even cancer, yet most homeowners overlook it when taking care of their households. Keeping your indoor air healthy should be as much of a priority as maintaining your HVAC system. That said, here’s how you can take steps toward improving your IAQ. We are your local choice for indoor air health.

Keep Pollution Out of Your Home to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Whether it’s eating, sleeping or taking part in any number of other activities, you likely spend a lot of your free time at home. Exposing yourself to harmful pollutants on the way to and from work is bad enough; don’t let your home become a haven for unhealthy air.

Here are some of the most harmful household air pollutants to stay mindful of.

  • Building and paint products
  • Cleaning supplies and household chemicals
  • Dust mites and dust
  • Mold and dampness
  • Second-hand smoke

And here’s how you can ensure those harmful pollutants don’t infiltrate your space – Indoor Air Health.

  • Paint releases a low level of toxic emissions into the air for years after you apply it. Use a non-toxic, zero VOC, or low VOC paint to reduce the effects.
  • Cleaning products contain many harmful chemicals that irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs. Create your own cleaning products to reduce costs and irritation.
  • Considering dust mites can trigger asthma-related symptoms or lead to asthma in kids who have never had it, it’s important you dust, vacuum and mop your home weekly.
  • Keep humidity levels inside your home below 50 percent by using a dehumidifier and your air conditioner appropriately. Maintain your AC so it doesn’t become as source of pollution itself.
  • Declare your home a smoke-free household. Don’t let anyone smoke indoors.

Invest in HVAC Maintenance to Improve Indoor Air Quality

As stated, you don’t want your air conditioner to become a source of pollution itself. Considering it’s the central hub for your indoor air, it’s important that you invest in regular HVAC maintenance to ensure your system not only works efficiently but also in a safe manner. A professional HVAC technician will ensure your heating and cooling system is filtering the harmful air out instead of hiding it in.

For more information about how HVAC maintenance helps you keep your home a healthy haven, contact us today at 256-369-5511. Call today!