Residential & Commercial HVAC Maintenance / Service Plans to Keep Your AC & Heater Running

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Regular AC service and furnace maintenance isn’t just a luxury; it’s an essential part of keeping you comfortable and also safe at home and in the workplace. If you neglect your heating and cooling equipment, it may have trouble keeping up with the demands placed on it by Sylacauga’s hot summers and also the cold winters. We are your local choice for HVAC maintenance in Sylacauga, AL, and also the surrounding areas.

For more than a decade, homeowners and also business owners in the Sylacauga area have relied on Affordable Heating & Air to keep their furnaces, air conditioners and also their heat pumps in good shape and running efficiently. Our customers experience first hand the value and benefits that come with a regular maintenance program.

HVAC Maintenance Improves Your Comfort and Safety

A thorough inspection and also routine maintenance of your HVAC system prolongs the life of your equipment and also reduces energy costs. A seasonal tune-up also improves your comfort and also your safety in the following ways:

  • Improves the air quality inside your home or business
  • Corrects emerging problems before they become costly repairs
  • Reduces the chance of carbon dioxide emission due to malfunctioning equipment
  • Eases your mind knowing your family, employees and also your customers will always be in a comfortable environment
  • Reduces fire hazards stemming from frayed wiring or also loose electrical connections

HVAC Maintenance and Service Saves You Money

When your residential or commercial heating and cooling system operates at peak efficiency, it saves you money every time you use it. In many cases, the energy savings offset the monthly cost of preventive maintenance. Wouldn’t you rather put the money you save on fuel bills toward a weekend getaway, gym membership or your child’s education fund than give it to a utility company?

In addition to conserving energy and saving money every month on your energy bills, regular AC maintenance and furnace maintenance affords you the opportunity to save in other ways:

  • Reduces the chance of costly, out-of-the-blue repairs
  • 10-percent discount on all air conditioning and heating repairs
  • Reduced service fee
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your cooling and heating system and delays the expense of a replacement system
  • Maintains the validity of manufacturers’ warranties
Affordable Heating and Air’s Comfort Assurance Service Program

We understand that, in this day and age, consumers are budget-conscious. That’s why we offer our Comfort Assurance Program at a low monthly rate of $19.95. Our Comfort Assurance maintenance plan includes two comprehensive tune-ups per year and also features the following benefits:

  • Adjust, lubricate and safety-test equipment
  • Advanced, trained technicians perform all maintenance
  • Automatic reminders so that you don’t have to wonder when it’s time for inspection
  • Priority service over non-agreement clients
NATE Certified HVAC

Affordable Heating has a 15-year track record of reliably caring for HVAC systems in Sylacauga and also the surrounding cities. Our NATE-certified technicians have the skills and hands-on experience to service all brands of HVAC equipment. To learn more about the benefits of annual HVAC maintenance or our Comfort Assurance Program, call (256) 245-2870 today and talk with one of our friendly team members.

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