Signs That you Need More Insulation

You might not think much about adding more insulation in your home, but maybe you should. Heated and cooled air that leaks out because your home is under-insulated wastes energy, decreases indoor comfort and raises heating and cooling costs. Insulating helps to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. It also helps with humidity control, protects your home from pests and reduces pollen and dust.

According to ENERGY STAR, most homes are under-insulated. The amount of heated and cooled air that leaks out of an average American house is equal to what you would lose if you left a window open every day. Here’s how to find out if your Sylacauga, AL, home would benefit from additional insulation:

Your Attic Insulating Material Is Insufficient

If you can see the floor joists in your attic, you need to insulate more. Ideally, the material should cover all your floor joists and extend upward. It should also be evenly placed throughout your attic, especially along the eaves, and there should be no dips or low spots in the insulated material. If your attic is insulated with spray foam, and the foam is falling down or has begun to settle, it’s a sure sign that you need to add more.

You Have High Utility Bills

Do you have high heating and cooling costs? If your HVAC isn’t old, inefficient or poorly maintained, and your duct work does not have leaks or cracks, under-insulating might be the reason for your high energy costs.

You Have Air Leaks

An energy audit can precisely identify air leaks. A blower door test detects spots where air is entering your home from the outside, and a thermal imaging scan tells you where air is seeping out from within.

Another indication that you need to insulate is when the second floor of your Sylacauga, AL, home is difficult to cool. To learn more about how insulation can increase heating and cooling efficiency and improve indoor comfort, contact Affordable Heating & Air or call (256) 245-2870.