What You Can Expect from A New Bryant Heat Pump

Customers like you can enjoy quality, efficiency, and also reliability when you select a new Bryant heat pump. If it’s time to replace your HVAC system; these are some of the cutting-edge features that you’ll find in new Bryant heat pump designs.

New Features – Bryant Heat Pump

Efficient HVAC systems cost slightly more than base models. But lower energy costs will pay for the upgrade and then some. With proper heat pump installation performed by Affordable Heating & Air; your new system will achieve advertised efficiency ratings and deliver optimal comfort. If you’re ready to start shopping, here are a few of the features that make Bryant heat pumps a smart buy.

  • Evolution heat pumps feature variable-speed or also multi-stage compressors that adjust energy use to your heating and cooling demands.
  • Heat pumps in the Evolution Extreme series received the best buy award from Consumer Digest.
  • With sound-blocking insulation and specially designed fan blades, new heat pumps are half as loud as conventional systems.
  • Longer run times at low power remove more humidity to improve your comfort every summer.
  • Smart controls increase efficiency and reliability by automatically adapting to conditions.

Advantages of Variable-Speed and Two-Stage Compressors

  • Conventional heat pumps and air conditioners have single-stage compressors that run at full capacity only.
  • With a two-stage compressor, the system can run at half-capacity to save energy and maintain a constant temperature. When additional cooling or heating is required, it will run at full capacity.
  • Variable-speed compressors function in 1 percent increments ranging from 40 percent to also 100 percent capacity so that energy use is based on real-time requirements.

Bryant Heat Pump Efficiency

Efficiency ratings depend on the system design and also compressor type. Bryant heat pumps with single-stage compressors meet minimum efficiency requirements. Models with variable-speed compressors are up to 70 percent more efficient than standard options.

Heat pumps today come with all kinds of efficient features. If you need a replacement or if you’re planning an upgrade in the future, you can learn more about our heat pump installation services online or by calling (256) 245-2870. We serve customers in Sylacauga, Vincent, Talladega and also surrounding communities. Call today!